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We have researched and used adaptogens for over 4 years with great success and this website has been dedicated to educating people about them and their health benefits. The company that formulated and marketed the original formula we used with great success was failing and combined with another company. Their product was "fiddled" with and persons that had used that formula for years experienced return of their health problems. We can no longer recommend that product but the good news is that we now have alternatives that we can recommend and have experience with.

There are many ways to achieve better health and adaptogens are only one of those ways. We now recommend a multi-pronged approach that can bring much faster relief of symptoms and a massive unloading of the immune system using unique products from a 6 year old company. These products have large amounts of scientific research validating them and clinical tests also.

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RhodiGandha is Potent Natural Medicine

This blog was originally dedicated to a powerful adaptogen product called Frutaiga. This company was sold in September of 2008 and the top distributors of the original company decided to create their own super powerful adaptogen product that was more powerful and faster acting than Frutaiga. This new company and product are called "RhodiGandha". Read this blog post for a fuller explanation "Frutaiga Got Sold - RhodiGandha is Better"

RhodiGandha is powerful, natural medicine with 500 milligrams of extracted active ingredients in each ounce. These active ingredients come from two adaptogens (rhodeola rosea & ashwangandha) and four plants that are rich in functional anti-oxidants, caucasian billberry, georgian pomengranate, blueberry leaf and the legendary superfood -acai.

RhodiGandha has no added sugar or any artificial sweetener and is not pasteurized and has no preservatives.

There is massive scientific research and documentation establishing RhodiGandha's credibility and we have many thousands of testimonials from person's attributing huge health benefits to these adaptogens, including more energy, stress elimination, improved blood pressure, improved insulin system, improved cholesterol, better sleep, headache elimination, menopause symptom elimination, increased sexual vitality, relief from aches & pains, better memory & concentration, cellulite reduction and lots more.

In many people's opinions including some MDs, RhodiGandha is the most effective way of coping with metabolic syndrome, also called syndrome-X. Per the FDA, because RhodiGandha is a nutritional supplement, not a drug, we cannot and do not make any claims that Frutaiga can treat or cure any ailment, that is the realm of doctors and drug companies. But it helped many thousands of people achieve much better health and does a wonderful job for people with Syndrome-X.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frutaiga got sold - RhodiGandha is a better product

I have not posted on our Frutaiga blog in quite a while and it is time to update it.

Although Frutaiga has been a life changing supplement for thousands of people, it works very slowly and most people don't have the patience to wait six or eight weeks for health benefits. Now put that same slow acting formula against the juice hype monsters like Monavie and Zrii which provide very limited health benefits to very few people but do have stimulants or sugars that produce an immediate "energy increase" and you have a serious problem selling Frutaiga.

Ultimately Frutaiga could not continue as a standalone company and was sold to an existing MLM nutritional company called Symmetry Direct in San Jose, California. That company has an extensive line of nutritionals and markets in a number of countries.

For years I have requested that the Frutaiga formula be updated with extracts of Acai and other herbal extracts both to improve the product and to allow the consumer to feel health benefits faster. This never happened but the sale of Frutaiga to another company prompted Frutaiga's top distributors to resign and create their own greatly improved adaptogen formula that is now being marketed via network marketing. I have known and respected this couple for many years and after hours of discussion with them and thoroughly researching their adaptogen formula we decided to resign from Symmetry Direct (Frutaiga) and sell their product and work with their opportunity.

This new adaptogen formula is called RhodiGandha (http://www.MiracleAdaptogens.com) and has been strengthened from 300mg to 500mg of active ingredients per ounce and is also available in capsule form (250mg per capsule) for those who prefer capsules or are travelling. All the original Frutaiga active ingredients are being used with the exception of Aralia Mandshirica which has been changed to Ashwagandha, a medicinal herb with many of the same health benefits but much faster acting. Two other extracts have been added, Blueberry Leaf extract which has huge health benefits (described on the website) and Acai Berry extract which has been massively promoted by Monavie and Oprah and is the #2 superfood in the world (unprocessed cacao is the #1 superfood - see http://www.MyChocolateMedicine.com).

The other active ingredient extracts in Frutaiga are also in RhodiGandha including Rhodiola Rosea, Caucasian Bilberry and Georgian Pomegranate. These extracts are sourced from the same company Frutaiga sourced them from and are even bottled by the same company. So we now have a stronger, better and much faster acting, guaranteed potency product than Frutaiga.
RhodiGandha is now shipping in capsule form and we are finding that people feel the benefits on their first use of this powerful new formula, so we are getting both immediate health benefits from the Acai extracts and long term health improvements from the adaptogens, truly the best of both worlds!

On the business side, RhodiGandha is using a very modern and successful "hybrid binary" compensation plan that is similar to Monavie's but pays better than Monavie's compensation plan. Although Monavie's product is weak, they lead the industry in marketing, so much so that many Monavie reps think they are past "peak growth" in the United States and that it now takes alot more work to be successful with Monavie since their is a Monavie rep on every corner. If you are a network marketer or looking to start a home business, you should give strong consideration to RhodiGandha, especially if you are an existing Monavie rep and find yourself struggling in a crowded marketplace.
RhodiGandha as both a product and opportunity are so very much better than Monavie that entire Monavie groups are in the process of switching. Monavie as a product is just a juice and has very limited health benefits and no adaptogens and they are very careful to NOT state how much of any active ingredient in their product. That is purposeful because a juice has an extremely small amount of active ingredients in it and when you view the research on Acai you will realize that you have to drink cases of Monavie each day to get enough active ingredient to get the benefits shown in research on acai.

While I am saddened at the sale of Frutaiga, I am rejoicing in the creation of RhodiGandha and anticipate this product and company will bring health and wealth to vast numbers of people who wouldn't wait out the slow health improvements of Frutaiga or have fallen victim to the extreme hype of the "juice companies". Our many Frutaiga reps and customers are changing to RhodiGandha and loving the new product. Give it a try and see what you think! Learn more at our website http://www.MiracleAdaptogens.com or give us a call, toll free ph-800-759-7593.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Molly has her 15th birthday - Thanks Frutaiga!

We have been asked for an update on our old border collie who has been taking Frutaiga for a couple of years, so here it is! Video update of Molly playing frisbee Molly catching Frisbees

Molly celebrated her 15th birthday on November 26th and we feel blessed that she is still with us and in good health and hope that continues. Her breed of dog typically lives 11 years and it is very unusual to see a 12 year old border collie and almost unheard of for them to make it to 15!

We switched Molly to holistic dog food over 8 years ago when a computer customer alerted us to the dangers and poisons in most pet food, especially the popular brands sold in grocery stores including the premium brands. We put her on Canidae and sometimes switched her to Solid Gold, both are excellent pet foods.

Ultimately Molly started having digestive problems while we were in San Diego and Donna started cooking for her. By the way, if your dog has loose stools you can feed them uncooked pumpkin and/or give them Pepto-Bismol per a retired vet and it worked on Molly. Lots of things can cause loose stools and I now think it was poison put down in the local park to kill the ground squirrels that caused Molly's problem because the problem fixed itself when we got to Asheville, NC.

Molly's teeth are worn over half way down, especially her canines from catching many thousands of soft frisbees and tennis balls. These days her food is Solid Gold kibble with chicken chunks that Donna cooks up each way for her and it is moistened with 1/2 ounce of Frutaiga. Molly eats twice a day.

As you saw in the latest Molly video she has great energy for a dog that should have died 4 years ago and is over 105 years old by human standards. She has also been on a wonderful mineral, vitamin, enzyme supplement called Nupro (www.nuprostore.com) that has helped guard her health and gives her such a great coat. We have recommended Nupro to many people and it has been like a miracle for their pets and the version for dogs with joint problems has glucosamine/chondritin in it to help that problem.

Molly also lost her hearing at one point and I thought it was old age but it turned out to be candida or giardia. She was having bad intestinal problems and I finally decided to put her on antibiotics which I typically avoid like the plague for us and her. After 10 days on the antibiotics about half her hearing returned and my research indicates candida was probably the problem. If you need to get antibiotics for your dog and don't want huge vet bills, you can buy Fish Zole at 250 mg per tablet and give a 20-40lb one tablet with each feeding for 7 to 10 days. Google Fish Zole to get your best price on the internet. It is meant for aquariums but is the same antibiotic used by many vets for digestive problems and giardia/candida problems. Fish Zole (Metronidazole 250 mg) - 100 Tabs is available online for under $15, just search for it. Only do this if you are comfortable being your dog's doctor yourself, otherwise use a vet.

Even with the Nupro, Molly developed arthritis a couple of years ago and that was when I tried her on Frutaiga and was astounded when her arthritis disappeared in just 5 days. I have since recommended many people to put their pets on Frutaiga and it has greatly helped their health. It would seem that Frutaiga works as well on pets as it does on humans, especially on joint problems.

We have also seen Frutaiga solve skin and allergy problems on dogs and temper hyper dogs.

So do man's best friend a favor and put your dog on Frutaiga and watch their health soar!

Colon Cleanse Results with Holy Tea

I decided to make this more of a health blog that focuses on Frutaiga but I'll also review other products that can be of great benefit to your health.

We were recently introduced to Dr. Miller's Holy Tea and are having a VERY positive experience with it and recommend you learn more about this product and maybe give it a try yourself.

Visit our webpage: our Holy Tea results and you can also visit the Holy Tea Club website.

If you do give it a try, let us know your results.

Frutaiga and Depression, PTSD & BiPolar

Because Frutaiga helps the body achieve balance in its various systems and helps get the immune system functioning at a high level, we see many health improvements all across the board. One really big benefit can be dealing with depression including PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and bi-polar disorder.

In my own case Frutaiga took care of extreme stress and persistent depression in a week and a half! I was completely amazed because that was something that was not mentioned about Frutaiga. In the last 2 years I have seen this same effect on depression over and over again, to the point that I tell people to expect a feeling of well-being within 2 weeks of taking Frutaiga at 3 ounces per day. Part of this benefit is due to increased serotonin production in the brain and other brain chemicals are effected too. These beneficial actions are part of the massive 3,000 clinical studies the Soviet Union conducted on the two adaptogens that are part of Frutaiga's formula, Rhodeola Rosea and Aralia Mandshirica.

Last night we had dinner with new best friends here in Asheville and this benefit was confirmed yet again. Joan has had a horrible time with depression for many years and was in a state of clinical depression. That is when you have been depressed for so long that your body automatically produces the chemicals that keep you depressed, even if your reason for depression is gone. Clinical depression is a real tough condition to treat and conventional medicine does it with anti-depressive drugs that have many side effects and essentially turns your emotions off.

In Joan's case (not her real name) she got a case of Frutaiga and doubled the initial loading dose of 3 ounces per day for 2 months; she has been taking 6 ounces per day! On day 5 she came by our house to tell us that she woke up that morning at 5:30 am and was astounded at how good she felt emotionally and that there were no "bad thoughts" in her head. She and her husband were so very hopeful that would continue and improve.

So now it has been over a month and Joan is a new person. There is always a smile on her face and I think she is glowing! She visited family recently and everybody told her it is obvious she is no longer depressed and was enjoying life again. We are so grateful to have been an instrument in Joan conquering depression, especially since I have also suffered the debilitating effects of clinical depression for many years and was also freed by Frutaiga.My message to everyone is very simple. If you or someone you care about has a problem with depression or PTSD, put them in touch with us or tell them to give Frutaiga an honest try at 3 ounces per day for a minimum of a case of Frutaiga (4 - 25 ounce bottles in a case) and see if they can escape the horrible yoke of depression. They are protected by our 60-day satisfaction guarantee so the most they can lose is the costs of shipping but they can gain by getting enjoyment of life back and free themselves from depression.

If you know of any returning Iraq veterans, let them know that Frutaiga can help them deal with the after effects of their service. It is estimated that over 40 percent of our Iraq veterans have PTSD and other than drugging them to turn their emotions off there are no good ways to deal with PTSD through conventional medicine. Another possibility in dealing with PTSD is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and you can learn more about it at Dr. Mercola's health website: http://www.mercola.com/ . We have had direct experience with EFT and if you find a good practitioner to teach it to you, it can be very effective at dealing with any emotional problem and many addictions including smoking.

In closing, if you or someone you know has a depression problem, get them this information. It can be one of the most important events in their life. Frutaiga can be of immense help in dealing with depression. Nuff said!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Just for FUN! Skydiving Video

Nobody ever accused me of being sane!
I love to travel all over the world.
I love to scuba dive and have done quite a bit of it including decompression wreck diving.
I love to ride motorcycles and have owned a motorcycle racing shop (dirt bike) and was a race mechanic and did a little dirt racing too. I've also got about half a million miles of street riding and touring and have owned a large number of motorcycles, our favorites are the old BMW airheads that ended production in 1995.
Then there is skydiving. I have about 600 jumps and wore a helmet video camera on over half those jumps. I created a fun little skydiving video that I posted online, here it is:
Yeh, I know......why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane.....well....
  • the door was open
  • there is no such thing as a perfectly good airplane
  • people typically die in airplane crashes when it is landing, it is safer to get out before then

See! I told you I'm not completely crazy!!!! LOL